Bitten By The Stitching Bug – Again

threads for my new project

No more cross stitch this year. That’s what I said in my comments recently. But one special project kept nagging me. Especially now that Avis and Claire have chosen a new project for a SAL.

OK, I give in. 😉

My new project will be a joy for the entomologists and insect lovers among you. Here’s a little teaser pic – I don’t want to give too much away for now. But I can tell you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Currently we are nine ladies stitching along. We will all post about our progress on October 12. I’ll link to all of  their blogs in my post then.

8 thoughts on “Bitten By The Stitching Bug – Again

    • I was well until I visited the doctor. They’re finding diseases you never knew about because they were causing no trouble at all. I’ve got a diagnosis, I was given pills, and only now I’m in trouble. Nothing life threatening, just nasty. I’ll find a solution. 🙂 I’ve binned about half of the paper stuff and put the rest into piles for further sorting. But not next week, I’m having a couple of days off and will enjoy some stitching. Dave is a little grumpy because his ideas have been put on hold but he provided me today with a follow-up project for the SAL. 🙂


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