Butterflies – Stage 8 & Finish

Pararge aegeria tircis (male)

You may have noticed it was a little quiet around here and my other blogs lately. I was engaged in a serious battle against everything paper in my humble dwellings (not finished yet, but way better than before), went for a couple of photo walks on the weekends (got soaked last weekend – why does it always rain on weekends?), had some health issues getting in the way (hoping to get a satisfying answer tomorrow from my doc) and there was a death in the family (finally, after months of struggling), but I still managed to finish my Butterflies.

But before I show you how it turned out, here are the last five beauties.

Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria tircis)

Gatekeeper, Hedge Brown (Pyronia tithonus)

White Admiral (Limenitis camilla)

Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus)

Purple Emperor (Apatura iris)

For the backing and binding I used some fabric from my stash. Not the one I was looking for and obviously didn’t have – a red one with butterflies. But I found another one I had totally forgotten about – a blue one with butterflies’ wings. At first I was a little reluctant to cut this one, but Hey! That’s what it’s made for!

backing and binding fabric

Washing and ironing out the dust and creases of at least 15 years, adding a leftover piece of thin batting/wadding and a thin border from the backing fabric – et voilá!

Erm – some of you who have a sharp eye may have noticed I miscounted my own pattern (top row, right). I only noticed after I had finished the Gatekeeper but neither had time nor did I feel like taking out the stitches and start again. Better luck next time. 😉

This was the last stage of my project in a SAL. I think Avis in England and Claire in France both have finished Cirque des Cercles, Gun from Sweden should have found a solution for her blue flowers while Kate from Australia has already completed her wedding sampler and has started a new project. Feel free to pop over!

I will now try to finish some of the projects from my list before the end of the year and there are still some WIPs waiting at the UFO Garage. This means my other cross stitch projects will have to wait until 2015. After all, I don’t own a Tardis. At least not a real one. Only this wonky little thing. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Butterflies – Stage 8 & Finish

  1. Butterflies do fly, maybe that´s what happened to the Gatekeeper 🙂 I Think it´s a lovely embrodery! I haven´t yet done anything with my blue flowers, but I have started a “new” embrodery.
    Gun, Sweden

    • Probably not now as there is a lot of other stuff to deal with until the end of the year. It depends on how I’ll get along with it. 🙂 I might join in again later as I have some cross stitch projects to finish.

  2. How does the saying go? Perfection is for God? Satisfy yourself with almost perfect, which is more than most of us can achieve! I love how the outlining makes the butterflies look almost 3D on the background, as if they’ve just alighted there in tidy rows. I hope your health will improve very soon, and that you’ll miraculously find the time to join us in the SAL again.

    • Und von dem Stoff ist sogar noch etwas übrig. Vielleicht für eine Zweitauflage, man kann ja nie wissen. 😉 Super schief, das kleine blaue Ding. Dafür leuchten die Fenster und die Laterne im Dunkeln.

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