Butterflies – Stage 7

Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta

Here are the next five completed butterflies – only five more to go. 🙂 The pattern didn’t tell which colours to use for the outlines, it just said ‘browns and greys’. From the picture it was hard to tell what actual colours they had used in the project. So I chose colours that were already in the individual butterfly except for the Brimstone for which I picked a greenish grey.

Comma – Polygonia c-album

Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta

Common Brimstone – Gonepterix rhamni

Green Hairstreak – Callophris rubi

Old World or Common Yellow Swallowtail – Papilio machaon

If you what to know what the other ladies in this SAL are stitching, visit Avis in England and Claire in France, who are both working on Cirque des Cercles. Gun from Sweden is completing her blue flowers while Kate from Australia is finishing her wedding sampler. Enjoy their work!


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