How Do You Store Your Inspiration?

I’ve currently taken a break in crafting because I suddenly felt that I had to do what I should have done years ago. Go through the tons of everything in my place that’s made of paper – my personal papers, my collection of press clippings (which I already halved two years ago) and most of all, loads of little scraps of inspiration.

Getting my inspiration from everywhere and everything, the question is how to store this ‘everything’.

I admire people who are able to put everything away in scrapbooks. I love scrapbooks. The only problem is I’m afraid of keeping one (or more) myself. Sticking these little scraps onto the pages with a dab of glue feels so final. They will remain there while I love to rearrange things. It’s hard for me not to think about it and just do it.

How do keep your inspiration? Do you have a scrapbook, a project folder or do you prefer a shoebox?


14 thoughts on “How Do You Store Your Inspiration?

  1. I have a few large plastic envelopes containing my inspirations: photographed landscapes to paint, magazine craft projects and also one for cooking recipes. The trouble is, that once they are in there, they are rarely taken out as I’m always on the look-out for more, ha ha.

  2. I keep notebooks on different subjects. They’re large, A4, hard cover and spiral bound. I stick things in with sticky tape, which I can delicately slice through with a scalpel if I decide a particular image, sample or scrap of fabric belongs somewhere else. If a whole page needs to be reassigned, I can tear out the page, cut off the ragged edges of the spiral binding, and stick the whole page to another one in a different book. Yes, I’m compulsive. But it works for me!

    • I haven’t found my ideal method yet. I’ve got plastic bags, ring binders, notebooks (both regular and spiral bound). Chaos reigns 😉

      • I quite like those ‘envelope’ style large clear plastic folders as well, but they tend to be where I collect stuff before it gets stuck into a book, rather than the permanent home. Good luck with the organising. I fear there may not be a solution which fits all your needs…

  3. my inspirations are usually stashed in plastic drawers but I have so much stuff in them, I always find it difficult to find what I’m looking for

    • I’ve already thought of replacing all my different cardboard boxes and buy plastic drawers on wheels. Just need to look out for a special offer at the DIY’s.

    • I’ve got folders, ring binders, notebooks and filing trays pouring over with stuff. I need to get rid of some of it. Quite a task. – Me, I loathe Pinterest for copyright reasons.

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