Butterflies – Stage 6

Inachis io – (European) peacock

Some of you have been eagerly waiting for this moment – the completed butterflies. Well, here they are – the first five of them. On the left I put the basic butterflies, on the right there are the completed ones. The stitched outlines, antennae and legs make quite a difference and seem to bring them to life.

European Peacock – Inachis io

Common/Chalkhill Blue – Polyommatus coridon

Camberwell Beauty/Mourning Cloak – Nymphalis antiopa

Holly Blue – Celastrina argiolus

Marbled White – Melanargia galathea

This is my project in a SAL. Avis in England and Claire in France are both working on Cirque des Cercles, and Gun from Sweden is working on her blue flowers while Kate from Australia is completing her wedding sampler. Take a look at their beautiful projects!


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