‘Propeller’ Finished

The UFO Lottery seems to be on it’s way to success – #9 of 27 is finished! Propeller was supposed to be completed on Friday as my boss was going to leave early. Well, he didn’t. I found a little time this morning and did the hemming.

For this piece I’ve used Hoffman fabrics from the Dimensions Style line. The yellow, orange and green fabrics were leftovers from my Citrus project (still in the UFO Lottery). The amber fabric was first used in Tulip Field. This is what’s left of it. Perfect. 🙂


2 thoughts on “‘Propeller’ Finished

  1. I have only one question. What are you going to do when you’re cleared the UFO list. Do you also have an endless list of (un)started projects…?

    • Of course I have and it’s endless indeed. 😀 After finishing the UFOs I will dive into all the stuff I have collected and create something new. I’ve got lots of ideas from textile art to paper art to painting to … 😉 Hence the UFO list.

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