UFO Lottery #10 – Batik Chessboard

As Propeller is near being finished, it’s time now to for the next draw in the UFO Lottery.

The next one ist my third piece in the chessboard series, originally known as Kreuz 3 (Cross 3). My new working title is Batik Chessboard, but that will change to another name once finished.

The main fabric is a multi batik with dots cut up into squares and laid out in a chessboard pattern. I filled the gaps in the middle with another multi gold-print batik in lighter colours and used regular white fabric with a white overprint on both sides. My original plan was to make two more strips of white squares for the sides but a) I’ve run out of that special fabric and b) I’ve run out of time. 😉

I’ve already chosen a matching batik for the backing and binding so that should be another quick finish. 🙂


4 thoughts on “UFO Lottery #10 – Batik Chessboard

  1. There’s a sort of spiral motion happening in the middle, a helix. I saw it when I looked at my laptop from a distance with this photo on the screen. Very interesting! And of course, beautiful as always.

    • Die beiden Stoffe haben sich mir aufgedrängt, sozusagen. Leider sind die Farben auf dem Foto wieder mal nicht so schön wie “in echt”.

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