‘Propeller’ Picked Up Again

Propeller was one of my problem children because I didn’t have any of the fabrics left to finish it. So I thought until I found a piece of yellow and one in brown when looking for some fabrics for Tulip Field. This is the panel I’ve started with.

I left it on the UFO pile for a while because I couldn’t make my mind up how to finish it. My first idea was to rip some pieces from two of the edges and use them to fill up the triangular gaps on the other two. Most times first ideas are the best ones, so here we go.

Then I sewed six new ’tiles’ and filled up the gaps. This is my new panel.

I’ll be using the brown fabric for the borders and back.

One question – what is the English name of the colour I’m calling ‘brown’ here? I’m sure I’ve heard it before but I forgot it (‘gold’?). In German I would use ‘messing’ (brass) or – jokingly – ‘senf’ (mustard).



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