The Fabric Depot

A couple of project bags

My blog is known as The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot. Let’s talk about the latter. (Edit: my former blog)

Of course, every decent UFO Garage must have a fabric depot aka The Stash. Mine is a cabinet of drawers which holds about two thirds of the fabrics plus a couple of big plastic bins and some plastic bags for the remaining third. The cabinet measures 1.20 x 1.20 x .35 meters. That’s half a cubic meter of fabrics, plus another quarter in the bins and bags. Not enough to open a shop but clearly quite decent for a single person.

Today I went through one row of drawers in my cabinet because I was looking for a special fabric. I found it eventually, but I also found the stuff nightmares are made of. No, not tons of ugly fabrics, although I asked myself occasionally why I had bought this special fabric way back when. The sheer amount of fabrics was what caused the nightmares. And this was only twenty percent of the cabinet’s contents.

Oh dear. I think I need a plan.

After finishing my UFOs and WIPs which are mostly hand sewing projects, I’m going to switch to machine sewing. This is a decision I already made a while ago as my eyesight isn’t improving with age. And I noticed my hand stitches aren’t as tiny and even anymore as they used to be. But this will also mean I’ll have to say goodbye to a lot of patterns I’ve got on my list. And – maybe – in the end I’ll have to sell some of my stuff because I can’t keep the whole lot. More nightmares to come.

OK, but first finish the UFOs, then nightmares.

4 thoughts on “The Fabric Depot

  1. Please offer some of your fabrics for sale on your blog, so that we get a chance to raid your stash…? I think most of us would enjoy even the ones you call Uglies – you have such an enviable collection.


    • Ha-ha, and The Uglies are only a tiny percentage of my batiks. My stash is hazardous to anyone’s health – danger of fainting while browsing. 😀 But I feel the same about other people’s stashes. It’s always the other ones who have the better fabrics. 😉


    • Kann man wohl sagen, in 30 Jahren kommt was zusammen. Und zwar nicht nur Stoffe, sondern auch noch eine halbe Tonne Wolle und Bastelkram. Da muß mir einfach was einfallen. 😉


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