‘Professor’s Choice’ Finished

Yesterday I finished 4.6.7c aka The Professor’s Choice, finish #6 within two weeks. A new personal record, courtesy of my boss who was away on holiday. 😉 It will get less busy at the UFO Garage from now on until I’m having some time off myself.

Now let’s take a look at what the Professor chose. The old name, 4.6.7c, came from my favorite book, Tilings and Patterns by Grünbaum/Shephard. It was simply the name of the pattern in a list which I used for the working title.

Some of the batik fabrics came from The Pile (formerly known as The Pile of Uglies). I liked how the colours went together, but somehow the colour scheme was too dark. So I added some fabrics from The Stash until I had eight dark and light pairs. The blocks are made of four tiles, each one 5 x 5 cms/2″ square which makes the block 10 x 10 cms/4″ square. A narrow dark brown border is keeping everything together, I used the same fabric for the backing.

Not one of my best pieces from the sewing point of view but now that it’s finished I quite like the design and colours. Maybe I try again later. 🙂

The Professor’s Choice, detail


2 thoughts on “‘Professor’s Choice’ Finished

  1. Those little pings of lilac are just what’s needed to give it life. It’s lovely. And I do admire your new No Pinning logo. I hope it works so you don’t have to waste time chasing all the rude people who ignored your copyright.

    • The lilac is blending in well, in the picture it’s more prominent than in the actual piece.
      Some of the re-pinners have already deleted their pins upon my request. The problem is that one person pins directly from my site and everybody else repins. A clear violation against Pinterest’s Terms of Service which say you may only pin stuff you own the copyright of or have the consent of the owner. Delete all pins that do not follow these conditions and Pinterest is empty. 🙂 I feel a little stupid running after those people, but I’m hoping for a little ‘educational’ effect at least with some of them. I might as well believe the earth is a disc, I suppose. 😉

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