‘Japan’ Finished

Here’s this week’s first finish (yes, I’m suggesting there will be at least one more 🙂 ).

After my lunch break I pinned the edges and began to sew the top and backing together. I had to be a little extra careful because I was sewing with a contrasting thread so the stitches would clearly be visible. I used some variegated quilting thread from my stash, GĂŒtermann Sulky in colour 4008.

Everyone gets nightmares about ripping things apart. I’m happy that it turned out easier than expected. Getting started was the trick. Now it’s finally as it should have been in the first place with beautiful flat edges. If I think about the first version that looked like corrugated iron
 *shiver* The extra hours have clearly made the project a success.

Now I’m off to cut the backing fabric for Rainbow Kites as that one already has got the border strips sewn on, and maybe a little pinning. I might even squeeze in cutting and ironing the border strips for the next project. We’ll see. 😉


2 thoughts on “‘Japan’ Finished

  1. Perfect even stitches, flat border, everything straight. You must be very happy with it now! And it’s very beautiful and if you’re ever bored with it please send it to me…


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