UFO Lottery #8 – Rainbow Kites

Next week I will lay the finishing touches on Japan, so it’s time for the next draw. The lucky winner is Regenbogendrachen (Rainbow Kites).

For this one I chose a pattern from my favorite book, Tilings And Patterns by Grünbaum/Shephard. Rows of kites are connected by rectangles. If you cut one of the rectangles diagonally, flip one piece and put the long sides together again you’ll get the kite shape. Just in case you feel the need to make your own templates. 😉

And of course I used my beloved batik fabrics. Some of them came from the Pile of Uglies. The pink and light blue one from a surprise medley was a real problem child of mine as I had absolutely no idea what kind of project to use it for. It turned out it fit into this one and I think it is perfectly connecting the colours next to it.

I didn’t create a standard rainbow but shifted the colours slightly. If I remember it correctly, it had something to do with the available amount of some of the fabrics. Although the space taken by the tiles is the same in square centimeters (18) the shape of the patches is different which affects cutting.

The border and backing fabrics will be a yellow batik I’ve already used in Wheels, the one with the dark spots I used in wheel XI. More (a finish?) next week. 🙂


7 thoughts on “UFO Lottery #8 – Rainbow Kites

    • That’s the plan – making projects a little different from everyone elses. 😉 I do not believe in the theoretical stuff of how colours should be used together, I just pick them intuitively or get inspired by all kinds of things I’ve seen somewhere.

  1. I´m beginning to think your idea of having an UFO lottery is a very good idea 🙂 Maybe I should do a lottery myself for all my UFO:s. Your Rainbow kites is a lovely quilt.
    Gun, Sweden

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