Japan – Update

The last seam is finished and I managed to keep the borders lying flat. Yay! The top is now complete for the second time.  Here are a few detail shots.

I chose a rusty red for the thin border which echoes the reds in the indigo prints from the panel. The dark blue border is from Moda.

For the back I chose another Moda print, Sweet Land of Liberty by Sandy Gervais. Not exactly Japanese, but it works for me.

On the weekend I’m going to cut the backing fabric and do the pinning so I can take it to work next week and do the stitching. Time for the next UFO Lottery draw now. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Japan – Update

    • “Deckchen” ist gut. 🙂 Wenn ich nicht so eine Kleckerliese wäre, würde es gut auf meinen Tisch passen. Ich könnte natürlich klare Plastikfolie drüberpacken, aber das finde ich nicht so ästhetisch.

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