Morris Dance Finished

And another one! Today I finished Morris Dance. The name was inspired by William Morris who designed the patterns of the prints I used in this project as well as a book by Charlotte McLeod (one of the ‘Boston’ series, I’ve forgotten the title) I had read a while before I started the piece.

Those of you who do not live in an area where Morris Dancing is practised can learn more about it here. Maybe I should add little bells? No, only joking. 🙂

The fabric I used for the binding and back – a pattern called ‘Single Stem’ – was originally bought for piecing the backside in the same way as the front. I finished the edges using a method known as ‘hemming’ by folding the seams to the inside and stitch them together using a stab stitch.

front and back, detail


2 thoughts on “Morris Dance Finished

  1. You don’t really appreciate the beauty of this quilt until you see the fabrics close up. It’s really lovely, and the backing is wonderful too.

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