Playing With The Baddies – Finished

Here’s the next finished project. Just a simple one meant for testing and hopefully improving my machine sewing skills. 🙂 It keeps surprising me how well the fabrics fit together. I played with some batiks from the Pile of Uglies to make this one. The Pile of Uglies holds fabrics that I didn’t include into my stash because they didn’t fit in there or were difficult to use in a project. The Baddies, so to speak.

For the back I used a batik I had bought for another project – corals in green/yellow/orange.

Baddies – front and back

corner detail


10 thoughts on “Playing With The Baddies – Finished

  1. I LOVE this! You have the most enviable collection of batiks, and your Uglies are, well, not! The corals fabric on the back is just wonderful. Even Baddies can play nicely together…


    • I bought a couple of surprise batik medleys some years ago which had a dozen of quarter yard cuts each. This gave me quite a range of fabrics to work with. 🙂


  2. Your baddies are beautiful when you put them all together. Amazing how colors/patterns that don’t seem to work with anything else can work so well with each other. 🙂


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