UFO Lottery #6 – Morris Dance

A couple of years ago I bought some fabrics from Rose & Hubble’s William Morris Collection. Being a friend of Art Nouveau, I love his designs and was happy to find some fabrics for a future project. Find out more about William Morris here.

I designed different patterns using octagons and small rectangles and at the end chose this one with two different sizes of octagons. The original plan was to make two identical panels and sew them back to back. The second one would be in a more reddish colourway and the edge would have an irregular shape.

Well, I was too lazy to make the second one. And the sewing took quite some time, more than I expected. So a narrow border to a straight edge must do.

Sorry, the picture is a little blurry, but there will a better one very soon. 🙂



2 thoughts on “UFO Lottery #6 – Morris Dance

    • I didn’t see the lanterns until you mentioned them. Another hour of stitching and it will be finished. 🙂

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