Tulip Field

Over a month has gone by since my last post (Edit: at the UFO Garage). That was because I didn’t have anything to show you. I spent quite some time on photo walks during our local festive week, Kieler Woche (Kiel Week). But I wasn’t neglecting my crafting. I have been crocheting a couple more rows on my Rainbow Blanket, half-finished some new inhabitants for my reef and most of all, collected ideas and prepared some border strips and backing fabrics for my pile of UFOs. As my boss is on holiday for two and a half weeks, I’ve got some spare time at the office. Perfect for finishing a couple of works ‘in progress’. 🙂

So today I proudly present my first finish, Tulip Field. Actually, it’s #5 in the UFO Lottery, I’ve skipped #4 for a short while. Just a small little un-quilt made from a block (or tile) I found in Jinny Beyer’s Tesselations. When the blocks came together in rows the pattern reminded me a little of Dutch tulip fields you often see pictured. I have used the same block and a flipped version of it to create the hexagon flower shapes for Pond Lilies.

I’ve already sewn the border strips to my next project, cut the backing fabric and pinned everythig together. This will be my Monday project. Another one is waiting to have the binding attached by machine, then I’ll do the cutting (backs and borders) for two more. Watch this space. 🙂




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    • I often try to find something other for my patterns than squares and triangles. 🙂 I used a kite shape here which was split up into three parts – green, white, and brown/yellow.

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