My Current Projects

Some of my projects from the list  have already been finished. You may have noticed I didn’t blog about all of them – yet. I have been making a couple of scarves which I will introduce in an upcoming series of posts. There’s a new cross stitch project (still secret) and a new art quilt project.

As my German photoblog 54° 20′ N 10° 08′ W never appeared in the search results, I have created a new one called Kielgeholt (keelhauled) which has also got an English summary at the end of each entry. Both blogs show mainly detail shots from my photo walks. If you always wanted to know how a quite near-sighted girl sees her surroundings, just pop over. (Edit: I’ve closed it again.)

But I digress. Here are my current featured projects.

The ‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf made in a knitted drop stitch pattern I designed inspired by another project.

The ‘Rainbow’ blanket – the blue part is finished and I’ve already started crocheting the purple part which is the last colour.

A new art quilt project. This is only an example of one of the blocks. The finished piece will look quite different.


8 thoughts on “My Current Projects

    • That’s just some fabrics from the Pile of Uglies which I’m trying to decimate. 😉 The evenings can be a little chilly here in the north although it’s summer in the rest of the country.


        • I bought a couple of surprise batik medleys a couple of years ago and put the ones that didn’t fit into my collection aside. The ‘Pile of Uglies’ is just a nickname I use. It’s strange how batik fabrics behave. They tend to match with each other no matter what pattern or colour. This is something I never noticed with ‘ordinary’ fabrics.


    • My rainbow blanket is growing quickly thanks to the World Soccer Championship. While watching the matches on the telly I can crochet along. 🙂 At the moment I’m preparing some projects in order to get them finished at work because my boss will be on holiday for two and a half weeks so there will be hardly anything to do. 😉


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