Five And A Half Months And 1,517 Pieces Later…

Whoo-hoo, the Wheels top is finished! 🍸 🙂

That was the easy part. Now it needs some quilting and a binding. I’ve already got an idea about both. But before I start I will go for a couple of finishes – next stop UFO lottery. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Five And A Half Months And 1,517 Pieces Later…

  1. Just sensational, so much nicer than the original in the magazine, and actually, considering how many other things you’ve also been working on, finished rather quickly! Congratulations! You really have set the bar rather high, and now I have your masterpiece to live up to when I finally try it for myself.


    • Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Yes, it was quite a quick sewing job probably because it was so much fun to make. I’d love to see what you will come up with. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 I need to go shopping for some batting now, hope they have what I want. I’ve already got an idea about the fabric I’m going to use for the back and binding, something from my stash.


  2. […] I was really pleased with how the block turned out on paper but then wrestled with how to put it together. It’s all very well, liking what you see on a sketch but transferring it into an actual, physical collection of patches of fabric is another matter as you know. I knew what I wanted to do but there were going to be too many seams for my liking. Partial seams were the answer. I hadn’t done those before but I know several patchworkers who hand stitch and they know all about partial seams. In fact, I’d say they are experts! You can see their wonderful work here, here and here. […]


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