This is another project I first posted about on Jule’s Olde Arte Blogge.

Stitched on 14 ct black Aida with Anchor floss, 18.2 x 24 cms

Some of you may know I’m a die-hard David Tennant fangirl. I collect anything I can get my hands on. Well, almost anything.
A while ago I searched the web for cross stitch patterns of the tall skinny Scottish bloke and found a couple I liked. I bought the above pattern from someone on eBay, don’t remember exactly who it was. DTXS2 is my working title for the second ‘David Tennant cross stitch’ project.
The colour choices are a little strange in some places, obviously due to the fact the there’s only a limited amount of greys. So they put in some greens and even navy blue. One symbol said ‘silver metallic’ which was out of the question after I had tried some stitches. So I needed to replace it. I’ve tried various colours but wasn’t happy with any of the results. In the end I used a skein of the lightest blue – Anchor 1037. Worked in some places, but not in others.

Look at the light circle around the cheek. I thought I needed to work on this as well as some other spots. Finally had some time to stitch over these areas with one strand of Anchor 399, a medium dark grey. If you compare the pictures, I only did some additional stitches in the face, the neck and the forehead and left everything else untouched.

View gallery page with my other portraits


3 thoughts on “DTXS2

  1. Sieht toll aus und die überarbeitete Version sieht auf jeden Fall besser aus. Dieser Krater unter dem Auge ging ja gar nicht. Mir wäre das ja alles viel zu klein und fitzelig. 🙂


    • Das war 14er Aida (14 Kästchen auf 2,5 cm), das ging ja noch. Die Schmetterlinge sind auf 18er, das ist fitzelig. Aber mit schwarz auf schwarz sticken war schon eine Herausforderung. 🙂


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