Wheel II and more

You may have wondered about the missing weekend post. Well, I was busy. Among other things, I have been designing a logo for my Tulip Lover blog. It’s going to be a cross stitch panel which is already on the way. One of the butterflies was also on the list. And I’ve tried – unsuccessfully, alas – to give a new look to one of my German photoblogs.

The finishing of Wheel II got slightly delayed by all those activities so I took the pieces along for a little sewing during my lunch break. Because of a little accident – I sewed the first one on upside down – I didn’t quite finish it. But now it’s done.

Wheel I

Wheels II, III, IV and VII

I’ve also done some basting on the remaining wheels I and IV as templates lasted and have already joined the patches. The picture doesn’t do the colours justice here.

Wheels I and VI (work in progress)


2 thoughts on “Wheel II and more

  1. You really do have some very beautiful batiks for this project. I especially like the dark blue and what I can see of the dark red one. I think you must be getting quite near the end, now?


    • I have used some of my favorites for this project, the ones labelled “Don’t cut”. 😉 Just the red and yellow ones to finish, then there are only three or four half wheels and some ‘filler’ pieces for the border left.


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