Saving The Butterflies


Inachis io – (European) peacock

This project has been lying around The Boudoir for quite a while now. I think I’ve started it more than ten years ago, stitched the first ten butterflies and a bit of #11 and left it. The project, the pattern as well as my draft and my notes were scattered in different places. Recently after putting it onto my project list, I began to collect the pieces which wasn’t an instant success. But by now they have all turned up.

This morning I had another flash of inspiration. Call it madness, but I’m going to get it off my list. Avis and Claire, joined now by Gun, are in the middle of a SAL. I’m not going to join officially but will try to stitch along until my butterflies are complete.

The original pattern had a little country house in the center with the butterflies all around. I’m not sure of the exact source as I didn’t keep the magazine, but from the sheets I’ve still got it must have been the German craft magazine Lena. There were other houses in that series, I’ve also got one with autumn leaves/branches and mushrooms. (Where’s my Tardis?) 🙂

I made my own pattern, just the butterflies without the house. Copying bits of the pattern, some serious counting, and sticking all of the tiny pieces to a background were the next steps.

This is how far I got. Just four and a half more to got plus all of the outlines and antennae.


6 thoughts on “Saving The Butterflies

    • Ich weiß überhaupt nicht, wovon Du redest… 😉 Erstmal müssen meine drei angefangenen Doktoren fertig, und vor 2015 wird gar nichts Neues an Stickerei angefangen 🙂

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