Wheels XVIII, IV and more

March wasn’t a good month for patchwork sewing, March was crochet month. 🙂 But now that we’re a couple of days into April, sewing is back on the agenda.

And it’s going well so far. Wheel XVIII is complete. Not too much work, because it’s only a small part of a whole wheel and I used some of the parts from the former center of wheel XI. I split the pentagon ring in two, reused the center star and cut a couple of new patches. It fit perfectly into the bottom right hand corner.


Wheel XVIII in place

My design wall is now almost covered with the wheels I made so far. I took the piece down to make room for the upper part of the project.

Wheel IV in the top right hand corner is also complete. I wanted to use turquoise fabrics but didn’t have the right ones in my stash (yes, I’m as surprised as you are) so I used teal ones (or sea-green, as I called them in one of my last posts).

Wheel IV

On the left next to it will be wheel III for which I will reuse the orange star ring from the former wheel IX. I’ve already cut the other patches.

I’ll keep the purple pentagon ring from the former wheel IX as well as the oblong center diamonds. For the rest of the patches I’ve already cut and basted new fabrics in purple. I’ve completed the center ‘disk’ already and need to piece the star ring now.

And the big yellow wheel XI has got a new center. This time I used orange for the pentagons, a little more yellow and a multi for the center star. Way better, methinks.

Wheel XI with new center

That leaves me with half of the pentagon ring and the green-ish center from this one to be recycled. Not bad so far. 🙂


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  1. I have all the pieces for Wheel nr 3 ready in a box! Just haven´t got time to sew them together yet 🙂 Your Wheels look great!

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