Interlude – Havoc

Disassembling, unsewing, unpicking, ripping – more or less friendly words for what I’m about to do. In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking of redoing some bits. I’ve now made my decisions.

This is what I have now. I don’t like the center of the big yellow wheel XI and also I’m not happy with the colour choice of the orange/purple wheel IX. So off they go!

Do not fear! All will be fine! I’ve already cut the new center pieces for the big wheel. But before the repair work I’ll have to finish wheel IV first. 🙂

Spent all morning taking the pieces apart to use them in other places if possible. The orange stuff may become wheel III, the purple ring a new wheel IX. Just need to test some fabrics.


6 thoughts on “Interlude – Havoc

  1. Ich glaube, ich wäre schon wahnsinnig geworden. So ‘ne Frickelei ist nicht meine Welt. 😉 Da bin ich ja mal gespannt, wie’s danach aussehen wird.

    • They’re really great – I couldn’t refuse to start this project. Fast growing blocks too. I’ve already discovered lots of other patterns you can make with the templates. Alas. 😉

  2. I admire your conviction. I’d probably have left them, thinking it was too much work, but then I wouldn’t have been so happy with it at the end, either. This one’s high on my to do list for later in the year, after I get two ‘obligation’ quilts out of the way…

    • A brave move – or a mad one. 😉 But I would have felt bad about it if I kept it as it was, so I decided to change it. As the single wheels are growing quite fast, I think I can squeeze the extra work in somehow. :/

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