Wheels – Halfway Through

Only 11 more wheels to go, five of which are more or less only smaller parts, plus some filler pieces for the borders. 🍸 🙂

Cut the pieces for IV this morning – sea-green instead of turquoise because inexplicably I didn’t have the right fabrics. How could this happen? I’m afraid I’ll be needing a new colour scheme now, but maybe I can work around this.

And – shock! horror! – I’m thinking of redoing the big yellow wheel as well as the orange one on the left as I think they do not fit into the project too well. Or shall I keep them? Hmm …


6 thoughts on “Wheels – Halfway Through

    • I think I’ve got a plan or at least a rough draft of a plan now which would include some unpicking. I’ve chosen a couple of new fabrics, just got to see how they’ll work by the cruel light of day. 🙂

  1. Sieht wirklich toll aus.
    Wieder auftrennen?!? Uff. Aber wenn du nicht 100% glücklich damit bist, dann besser jetzt auftrennen, als sich hinterher ärgern.

    • Zumindest einen Teil werde ich wohl wieder auftrennen. Wie sagte noch Egon Olsen immer so schön: “Ich habe einen Plan.” Eine paar neue Stoffe, die hoffentlich passen, der Rest wird recycelt. Wenn ich eh einen neuen Farbentwurf machen muß, quetsche ich das da irgendwie rein. Wegwerfen kommt bei mir nicht in Frage. 😉

  2. The hardest thing with this quilt, is to choose fabrics. I´m very pleased with my first wheel, but when I started on the second one it all went wrong. I have to do a new wheel 2 and be more careful when I choose the fabrics 🙂 So it´s hard to recommend what colours to use. Only you can decide 🙂
    Gun, Sweden

    • Sorry to hear that it didn’t work. 😦 Hope you can use the fabrics with another one of the wheels. – When I’m chosing the colours for the wheels I’m on the floor with my pattern sheet buried beneath a large pile of fabrics and testing this or that. Finding the right fabric can be very tricky indeed. 🙂 I’ve got a plan already about what I’ll be doing – some unpicking, but not the whole wheel.

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