Wheel VIII Finished

Wednesday evening I finished the second of the big wheels but had to wait to get a daylight shot today. Tonight I will join the three units currently on my design wall so tomorrow you’ll get a picture of the project so far.

A few accidents happened with this wheel – first I picked the wrong pentagons and hat to unsew two units. While making more units I got a few other pieces wrong and had to redo them. Can you spot the mistake in the picture of my previous post? I only noticed when I wanted to add the last but one unit. But now it’s done.

I’ve already chosen the fabrics for the next wheel. If I’m lucky I’ll get to cut them tomorrow. Sunday is another more or less sewing-free day as my sister is celebrating a belated birthday party.

Wheel VIII


6 thoughts on “Wheel VIII Finished

  1. Nope, looked at the previous post, couldn’t see anything that jumped out as a mistake… This is looking very impressive, and I’m getting quite excited at the prospect of seeing it fitted into the whole thing.

  2. Jetzt sieht’s wirklich nimmer wie ne Eule aus 🙂
    Bin so gespannt auf das Endergebnis. Das kann nur superklasse werden. 🙂

    • Ja, ich glaube, das wird ganz ansprechend… 😉 Ich fürchte, ich muß meine geplante Farbverteilung noch einmal ändern – eigentlich sollte türkis in die obere rechte Ecke, hatte aber nichts passendes an Stoff ( o_O ) und habe jetzt mehr so’n seegrün ausgesucht.

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