Wheel VIII Progress

Wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ve taken some days off patchwork and went diving to further explore my reef and maybe discover some new inhabitants. Found some sponges and corals, new species all of them. 😉 Also, I was working on Pauli’s blanket and of course my Rainbow blanket. And spent one day untangling some skeins of novelty yarn that had suffered a little while waiting for me to pick them up from the bargains box at the local shop. Plus I took zillions of tulip photos for my Tulip Lover photo blog.

Tonight there will be no piecing either. I have already been shopping for crisps and sweet sticky malt ‘beer’ (alcohol-free). I will make myself comfy on the sofa and watch TV all night. German station VOX has a special treat – all three episodes of The Escape Artist. Dubbed in German, so it will only be half the fun if you know the original English version, but well.

While I was being lazy there’s someone else who was not. Gun of Swedish blog Rutigt has been busy already and has a little surprise for you here. I’m really looking forward to her colour choices. 🙂

As for my own project – the wrong pieces of Wheel VIII are now where they were supposed to be, and yesterday I started to add the pentagon ring units which I just finished. Still have to baste some triangles for the outer star ring and assemble the six units. I will then complete the ‘Making of’ page. Hope I can show you next weekend how it all fits together. Tomorrow I’ll decide which of the fabrics for the next wheel will go where. Turquoise/teal this time.


8 thoughts on “Wheel VIII Progress

  1. Das ist doch die “Eule”, oder? 😉
    Schöne Farben.

    Wenn ich dich nicht hätte! Ich wusste mal wieder gar nicht, was im TV läuft. Wir gucken so wenig und ich hab schon ewig keine Fernsehzeitung mehr in der Hand gehabt. Da werde ich doch heute mal Vox einschalten. 🙂

    • Genau, die “Eule”. Hab ja gesagt, das wird noch. 😉
      Na, das ist ja gerade noch ‘mal gutgegangen mit meinem Programmtip. 😀 Ich werde dann rechtzeitig Laut geben, wenn irgendwann endlich Broadchurch läuft. Soll ja angeblich demnächst losgehen.

      • Also, die deutsche STimme finde ich ja immer sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Zumindest bin ich aber nicht eingeschlafen, das will schon was heißen. 🙂
        Ja, ich bitte um Nachricht, wenn Broadchurch kommt. 🙂

  2. I like your idea of ‘time off’. It sounds like everyone else’s idea of being very busy! And the latest Wheel is also looking magnificent. Enjoy your TV watching. We’ve been indulging ourselves with a Sherlock-fest, closely followed by a Game of Thrones Season 3-fest. Good job I have plenty of hand sewing to do while I watch…

    • I just didn’t feel like sewing lately, but I’ve got so much projects to chose from that there’s always one for every mood I’m in. 🙂

  3. Thank you for linking to my blog! Nice to have a “time-out”, but I think I had mine when I was sick the other week 🙂 Not a stitch for a whole week! Now I´m sewing like crazy. The pieces for wheel 2 are ready to be peiced together, I just have to finish another small project first!
    Gun, Sweden

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