Wheel VIII

Not much progress last week on my Wheels project – I had caught the yarn bug and finished Teddy’s blanket, tried out the new blue yarn for the Rainbow blanket and frogged and restarted Pauli’s blanket.

Despite the fact that I have decided what to do with my UFO lottery projects Propeller and Tulip Field, I just wasn’t in the mood to start. Talking of tulips, I’ve revived one of my old blogs and changed it into The Tulip Lover photo blog (shameless self promotion here). 😀

My reader tells me there has also been some kind of trouble at both ends of the axis that will at some time hold the other two wheels. 😉 But, as the Black Sorrows are singing in the background:

If you believe, there’s better times ahead
There’s better days, yeah yeah

Two thumbs up from here (that’s all I have) to everyone who’s somewhat stuck at the moment. Happens to the best of us. 😉

This is all I managed to do wheel-wise last week: cutting all of the patches and basting some of them. I’ll try to finish the star ring today so I can continue with episode two on the ‘Making of’ page.


3 thoughts on “Wheel VIII

    • You can never have too much projects. 😀 I enjoy jumping from one to the next, sometimes I’ve got four or five projects on the go on one single day.

      • I find it hard to focus if I’m pulled too many different ways. Today I want to finish the top for Happiness if I can, but I ALSO want to work on the Car Quilt, Thing, Broken Bottles and Amistad. So I have to concentrate on just one, or none of them will get done!

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