Wheel XVI – The Odd One

In every family there’s always the odd one. Some strange cousin or uncle, maybe. Well, in our family, I think I’m the weird auntie. Doing things that no normal person would do – reading books, making art, blogging, cutting up big pieces of fabric into small scraps and sewing them back together again – the like. 🙂

Wheel XVI

The Wheels project has the odd one, too. The new wheel’s different from the others as it doesn’t have a star in the center but pentagons.

When I chose the fabrics I picked some I call ‘rosewood’ for lack of a better word. But they didn’t fit in as I had imagined so they changed places with the yellow-greens.

The project is starting to grow profusely across my design wall which is one meter square.


6 thoughts on “Wheel XVI – The Odd One

    • The pattern is from a German patchwork magazine. Let me know if you need just the templates or also the pattern and tutorial which is in German. I’ll see what I can do then. 😉

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