No More Excuses

Finally found some blue yarn for my rainbow blanket. Not the exact colour I was looking for, it’s merely a grayish blue rather than the cornflower blue I wanted and it contains 20 % wool, but it’s the right gauge. Two balls at 250 grams each, a bargain from the local supermarket. The purple yarn is from my stash, three balls, 600 grams total.


10 thoughts on “No More Excuses

    • This project has been in my cupboard for about 15 years waiting to get finished. I used some 3/3.5 mm acrylics which are hardly available these days, most start at 4 mm.

  1. I just received a parcel full of brightly coloured wool like this on Friday for my birthday. I keep opening it up to have another look. I think it will become another crocheted rug, maybe Klimt style 🙂

    • The yarn isn’t the exact colour as in the picture above – getting all the colours right in one picture is always tricky. But I think it will work. 🙂

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