It’s Quilted



Yes, I did it – quilted the Knotweed sandwich by machine. First try, instant success. Or just beginner’s luck. 😉

Remember I wrote that I was maybe going to quilt it if I had some matching batting in my stash? Well, I needed 62 x 83 cms. I went through the leftover pieces from my latest finishes and guess what? The remaining piece of batting from Protection was exactly the right size – 63 x 89 cms. Weird. That project really seems to work as a guardian as far as my efforts to finish my WIPs and UFOs are concerned.

As I had quite an amount of the yellow fabric, I also used it for the back and binding. It was just wide enough to fit lengthwise. And there’s still some left.

I quilted some tilting lines that echo the stalks in the center piece, just enough to hold it together. Instead of marking I quilted along some masking tape stuck to the surface.

Another one off the list. 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s Quilted

  1. Always good if the machine cooperates… I think it’s a beautiful finish, congratulations. It was clearly meant to happen, with all those just right bits hanging around waiting to be used. The masking tape trick is a good one, you just have to quilt the thing quite fast after you’ve stuck it down. I’ve learned this by experience – leave it too long and the glue really bonds to the fabric and it’s a b….d to get off.


    • Mentioning the ‘scrap metal heap’ works wonders on malfunctioning devices of any kind 😉 Still have to get used to the fact that my fabrics are going from the stash into the projects. Hope to get two or three more pieces done next weekend – Friday and Monday off again 🙂


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