Wheel XV

No, I haven’t gone missing. 🙂 It’s been a mad week at the office, so most of the evenings I was too tired to do much sewing. All I did was basting the pieces for my next wheel, XV. When I cut the patches I had to replace one of the gray fabrics because of too low contrast. I just grabbed the next best blue-gray one from my stash. It turned out it was the same blue like the spots in the gray pentagons. Bingo!

Yesterday I began to join the patches which I finished early this afternoon. This is how it looks like.

Wheel XV

Wheels IX,X, XI, XII, XIII and XVAbove that, I almost finished the little Pyramids thing (only two sides of the binding left to be sewed to the back) and did the cutting and some sewing for Knotweed, the top being finished now. Both will appear in their full glory at The Boudoir as soon as they’re ready to be presented to the awed public. 😉


8 thoughts on “Wheel XV

  1. Ich hab’s zwar schon gesagt, aber ich wiederhole mich gerne. Das sieht einfach genial aus. Tolle Farben. Wie groß wird das denn werden? Das sieht jetzt schon riesig aus.

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