Wheel XIII – Is She Speed Piecing?

No I’m not. Honestly. But this project is really going well. Big pieces as far as by my standards and relatively small units make this one a breeze.

As basting took less time than expected yesterday, I already started sewing this wheel and finished it today while I was waiting for an acrylic painting to dry which I had worked on this morning.

After this unit was complete, I chose the actual fabrics to use for the gray wheel.

Here’s the lilac one, not pinned as usual because there’s something on my design board. 🙂 It’s already getting quite crowded up there and I only have finished about one third of the whole top. This is going to be huge!

Wheel XIII


9 thoughts on “Wheel XIII – Is She Speed Piecing?

  1. Du schläfst zwischendurch aber schon mal 1-2 Stündchen, oder?! 😉
    Bin schon gespannt, wie das Teil zusammen mit den anderen aussieht. Ich bewundere deine Geduld.

    • Ich gebe zu, heute bin ich nicht zu meinem Mittagsschläfchen gekommen. 🙂 Sieht übrigens gut aus mit den anderen zusammen. Es gibt aber erst ein Bildchen, wenn das nächste fertig ist. Bis zum Wochenende will ich mich eigentlich ein wenig zurückhalten mit neuen Beiträgen. 😉

    • I’ve used one of my ‘best’ fabrics for the large pentagons, one of the ‘I’m-never-going-to-cut-this’ kind. 🙂 I must learn to do this more often.

      • Glad I’m not the only one that saves my ‘good’ fabrics because they’re too good to cut up for this quilt or that. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and USE them!

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