UFO Lottery – Tulpenfeld (Tulip Field)

When Dave drew the Propeller project out of the little potato salad container yesterday I thought ‘Why not pick the next one already?’ because it was a relatively small one.

He kindly provided me with another little piece of paper which I unfolded impatiently.

Another small one. 🙂

I’ve used a pattern from Designing Tessellations by Jinny Beyer – a kite shape split into three parts. Later I’ve used the same pattern again for my Pond Lilies project.

The rows of coloured fabric reminded me remotely of the rows of tulips and other flowers in the Netherlands that sometimes appear in my travel-themed calendar I buy each year. Also, I’ve always been a great tulip lover which you can tell by the picture on the right.

My idea for this one is just to straighten the edges and maybe add a border strip.

There’s something about this piece I haven’t thought of before. The yellow fabric is the very same fabric I used in Propeller. Aaaand … I’ve still got some of it in my stash, both yellow and brown. Which means I can finish Propeller without hunting for substitutes. YES! *dances*

I swear by the life of my late granny there was no cheating involved in the draw. Honestly, this is a total coincidence which is really giving me goosebumps. But it definitely shows that I can blindly rely on Dave, my muse.


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