UFO Lottery – Propeller

With today and Monday off work, I’m heading into a long weekend full of plans to get busy on a couple of my UFOs. I’ll be starting to hem the remaining three sides of Sinus soon, which will take between two and three hours, meaning it will be finished today. 🙂 Maybe I even manage to finish the big yellow wheel from the Wheels project today as well. Next will be Arnold’s Shirts with three more binding strips to attach, pinning the quilt sandwich and sewing the strips to the back, no quilting as usual. Then I’ll be heading over to The Boudoir to pick some projects from my other list.

I’m really pleased about my progress in finishing my UFOs. Including Sinus, that’s four finishes in the first month of the lottery plus the mug rugs from The Boudoir. Quite an achievement, regarding that I had no finishes in 2012 and only two in 2013.

But now it’s time to draw the next lucky lottery winner.

Oh, no! One of my problem children, so to speak.

The problem about this is that I haven’t got any of the fabrics left – I used them up completely making Citrus (another participant in the lottery). The shop where I bought them are also out of stock. Seems I have to be a little creative.

I’ve already thought of taking away the outer pieces from the long borders to fill up the triangles in the short borders. This wouldn’t be too much work.

But maybe Dave the Muse comes up with something else. You never know.

Propeller, detail


2 thoughts on “UFO Lottery – Propeller

  1. How big does it need to be when it’s finished? My only suggestion is that you make it a good bit larger, and use toning but increasingly darker fabrics around the outside, so it gives the impression of graduating out. Or could you perhaps appeal for anyone who has some of the fabrics and is prepared to let you have them so you can finish – assuming you can remember what make/colourway they were…

    • Thanks for your suggestions, very interesting ideas. I can imagine how this would look like. Maybe I could use that on some future project. 🙂 Because believe it or not – I’ve already got a solution. I found ‘something’ while looking for some other fabrics just now. I don’t have to go on a hunt anymore. 😀 More in a future blog post.

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