Sinus is finished at last!

This one caused a little trouble where I didn’t expect it. I had already bought the backing fabric a couple of months ago, but either I didn’t measure or calculate correctly or the fabric has shrunk during pre-washing. Anyway, it was about 2″ too narrow to use so I had to buy a new piece of fabric. I chose a cream one from the ‘Dimples’ collection.

I used some thin batting but decided this had to be secured against shoving because of the size of this project. For binding the piece I used the method known as hemming – place the top and back right sides out and fold the seams to the inside, then sew them together with a running stitch. But this wouldn’t hold the batting in place.

My idea was to use some machine stitching in some places, not proper machine quilting which I’ve never done before. My machine has a couple of built-in alphabet stitches. Why not write the title ‘Sinus’? So I made a sample which went well. As samples do. When it came to ‘quilting’ the sandwich this did not work as expected. After three ‘Sinuses’ I gave up and chose one of the decorative stitches instead (the one that came closest to a sinus wave) and stitched a couple of bars in various places. Do I need to mention I had to pick two of them out and try again? As I used matching thread colours, the slightly uneven stitching fortunately doesn’t stand out from the fabric.

I’ve turned the piece 90 degrees so the green sinus wave is now running across the bottom. I would have loved to have a green border from the same fabric used for the sinus wave but didn’t have enough left and couldn’t get a similar one. So I chose a matching brown instead.

(Sorry for posting this a little later – while making my afternoon coffee I spilled some water into the old filter, while taking it out of the coffee maker I spread some coffee meal onto the table and into the coffee maker, while cleaning it up I flooded the floor with some of the remaining water – twice.)

Here are some detail shots.

Stitch sample

Fabrics with white print patterns

The back side after taking out the templates

The sinus wave stitching in situ

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