Bitten By The Sewing Bug

When I came home on Friday from my shopping spree in town you could easily have mistaken me for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Bar the antlers, of course. Temperatures last week were around 5 below zero with a nasty stiff breeze from the east that’s creeping in through your each and every buttonhole. It felt like at least 15 below. *shakes* Forecast for tomorrow: snow. And warmer – zero degrees.

I bought the new backing fabric for Sinus which I could only wash today because my dryer racks were occupied. That was also the opportunity to get some other fabrics washed which I bought, um, in March?

Anyway, besides finishing Abstract Landscape, I cut the batting for Arnold’s Shirts and sewed on the first border strip. Yesterday I cut the back, border strips and batting for Disappearing Nine Patch, sandwiched it and am now working on attaching the borders. Work on the Wheels project is also making good progress. Here’s a first glimpse of the next wheel.

Next weekend will be a long one. I have Friday and Monday off because I’ve still got some holidays left over from last year.

Expect some more finishes. 🙂

By the way, I didn’t show you this yet. Only 100 to go!


7 thoughts on “Bitten By The Sewing Bug

  1. You’ve been working very hard! Wheels is looking wonderful; I think your colours are much better than the original design and I’m looking forward to seeing your update photos.

  2. Gib’s zu, du hast irgendwo eine TARDIS versteckt. Was du alles an einem Wochenende machst, würde ich nicht mal in 2 Wochen schaffen. 😉

    Bei uns isses zum Glück immer noch relativ mild. Hier zwitschern morgens die Vögel und verschiedene Pflanzen fangen schon vorsichtig an zu blühen. Ich hoffe, der Winter geht dieses Jahr an uns vorbei. Aber so viel Glück werde ich wohl nicht haben.

    • Hätte ich bloß eine – naja, immerhin eine selbstgestrickte. 🙂 Was ich in diesem Monat schon alles auf die Reihe gekriegt habe, habe ich im ganzen letzten Jahr nicht geschafft. Es muß endlich ‘mal Ordnung in die Bude.
      Ich habe neulich sogar schon die ersten mutigen Narzissenblätter gesehen, die kommen sonst nicht vor März ans Tageslicht. Das müssen sie diesmal büßen. Bei Ostwind ist es hier immer echt fies kalt.

    • I just took a look at the Inklingo page. Very interesting and time saving! But I don’t have access to an inkjet printer and to be honest, I really LOVE making the templates and baste the fabrics around them. That’s the main reason why I’m making the projects. LOL

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