UFO Lottery – Strips (brown/green)

Although I intended to go shopping for a new backing fabric for Sinus on Monday I didn’t go because of the weather. It was near 0° C, windy and raining, so I didn’t want to spoil my day off and stayed at home. Which means I made some progress on my Wheels project. 🙂 Now I’ll have to wait until Friday to go fabric shopping because I do not work in town but in a neighboring community. The fabric shop in town closes at 6 pm, so I can’t get there on time. On Fridays I already leave work at 2 pm, so I will arrive on time even though I’m travelling by public transport as I haven’t got a car.

In the meantime I may even go on with my lottery – it might take a while to make plans about finishing the next winner. Let’s see which one my faithful assistant has picked this time.

Ah, a smaller piece this time! Thank you, Dave! (You’re welcome – Dave)

Streifen braun/grün (Strips brown/green)

I can’t exactly remember where this idea came from because one idea triggers at least two others. Maybe playing around with some brickwork patterns in my mind. I love these mottled fabrics. The shop had a vast collection, this time I went for browns and greens. Maybe I’m lucky and there’s enough fabric left for the backing and binding. No batting and no quilting for this one.

Oh, I remember now. A local painter had an exhibition at the library of the Institute of Global Economy a couple of years ago. I liked his stuff and tried to design some patterns inspired by his art. His name is safely hidden in one of my countless folders. Only if I’m very lucky I will find it again.


2 thoughts on “UFO Lottery – Strips (brown/green)

  1. Lucky that your local fabric shop stays open until 6pm. Here, everything closes with a bang at 5pm, only open for half a day on Saturday, and are closed all day Sunday. I’m very fortunate to only work part time, so I can get to the shops while they’re open…


    • Opening hours are a little bit of science around here, depending on location (city center or suburbs) and size. Saturday hours are mostly until 1 or 2 pm, shops are also closed on Sundays. Some exceptions, of course.


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