Wheel #3 – IX

This is the third wheel for the Wheels project, a purple and orange one this time. I cut the purple pentagons and the yellow diamonds from the same piece of fabric. As usual, the spikes go into the neighboring wheels.

Wheel IX

This time there are two blue spikes added to the new wheel.

Wheels IX, X and XII

The next one will take a little longer to make as it is one of the two big ones in this project.


4 thoughts on “Wheel #3 – IX

  1. Very beautiful. It’s going to be stunning. Interesting to see that when you do EPP your tacking stitch is through the paper, like I do, instead of making invisible tacking on the back. I prefer this method because I think you get crisper edges.

    • I only learned about the tacking on the back method a couple of years ago. When I taught myself piecing over 30 years ago I had no more than some pages explaining roughly how to do it. Patchwork and quilting was quite unknown in Germany at that time.

    • Ich auch. 😉 Das Erstaunlichste ist, das ich bis jetzt immer noch durchhalte mit NĂ€hen – schon drei Wochen lang. Und nebenbei endlich auch mit AufrĂ€umen angefangen habe. FĂŒr jede erledigte Sache gibt’s zur Belohnung ein wenig Patchwork. 🙂

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