Slow but determined

Last week I made only slow progress. Real life demanded quite some of my free time and got it. But in stolen moments of time I managed to sew the border strips to Sinus, finished the second third of strips for Seams crooked and made the last 300 templates, and did a little sewing on my Wheels project.

This afternoon I wanted to sandwich Sinus. And guess what? The fabric I bought for the back was too narrow. Just 5 cms/2″. Meh. Now I have to buy a new piece of fabric next week. Good luck I’ve got a day off on Monday and don’t have to wait until Friday.

But I’m not sitting on my back doing nothing until then. I’ve got options, y’ know. 🙂

I prepared the border strips for Arnold’s Shirts so I can start to sew them on while I wait for the new fabric to dry after washing.

And instead of working on Sinus this afternoon, I called my friend Jack (the Ripper) and together we unsewed another part of Seams crooked. I’ve already basted a couple of squares.

Today’s progress on ‘Seams crooked’


3 thoughts on “Slow but determined

  1. Good job patience is good for the soul, eh? There’s something very, very satisfying about the way you’re fixing Seams Crooked. The originals are disturbing to the eye of a quilter, but afterwards, it’s so much better!

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