Hearing Voices

Yesterday I also worked on some other projects, apart from finishing one. It was a busy day and I really had fun. One of the projects were my mug rugs. Because of a little ‘accident’ I had to cut new binding strips. I still had my sewing machine out and sewed the strips on, then pinned them to the back. Now I only need to sew them to the backsides by hand. Besides that, I cut the border strips for Sinus and ironed them using a bias maker.

But the most demanding task was working on Arnold’s Shirts again. Recently I discovered that this has been lying around the UFO Garage for ten months. Ten! OK, Arnold is travelling the universe through time and space so he might not have realised yet that it took me so long. But I want to have this one completed before he comes asking for it.

I had already chosen a backing fabric. A fabric with a little flaw – it was only just wide enough to fit the patchwork part without any borders. I thought of cutting it apart and inserting a strip to make it wide enough but couldn’t make up my mind about the fabric to use. So I put it aside for a while.

Yesterday I thought about the problem again. I could of course buy some fabric, maybe black and white or grey. But that would have to wait until next Friday. No. Cutting and inserting? Or – I could use fabrics from my stash and piece a backside together, preferably some of the shirt fabrics from the top.

That’s where the voices came into play. When I looked at the different fabrics I heard them loud and clear.

‘No, not this one. And no, not that one. You could use them for some other project. Something special.’

I bet some of you hear these voices too. At least, this is very familiar to me. Everytime I want to use a fabric, the voices appear in my head. Hence my extensive stash. But this time I was able to resist them. I cut nine pieces of fabric and sewed them together.

And I cut the border strips from the fabric I first intended to use for the back. The bag containig the batting is already at hand.



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