UFO Lottery – Sinus

Two sides of Protection have already got their binding sewn on, I think I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow. So I’ve thought about using the time I’m busy sewing for making plans about my next project. That would mean I need to convince Dave of drawing the next winner already. When I asked him he mumbled something like ‘I thought you’d never ask’. At least that’s what I thought I heard. 😉

Out comes the container again. Shake, shake, shake … he draws one …

And the winner is:

Again one of the taller pieces. But this time I don’t have to go hunting for backing fabric because I’ve bought it already about a year ago. I only have to remember where I put it. And find the right piece of batting/wadding which is also safely stowed somewhere.

This project was made from some jelly roll strips plus the green accent fabric from my stash. I would have loved the same green fabric for the border but there wasn’t enough of it left. So I went for something that matches the beige and light brown fabrics in this piece. The title Sinus comes from the smooth wavy pattern.

As I will be using some batting with this project I think I need to have to hold the layers together somehow. With a smaller piece I would usually rely on the binding holding it together, but this is about one square meter tall. Quilting is no option – this would call for hand quilting which I simply haven’t got the time to do. So I have to come up with something else, tying or beading perhaps.


5 thoughts on “UFO Lottery – Sinus

  1. It’s a beauty. I’m lost in admiration for your patience and attention to detail. If it’s a fairly small piece (1m square), and it’s a hanging rather than a bed quilt, the batting won’t move around too much and you won’t need to secure it too much. About every 20cm should do. Beading would be lovely – just a tiny discreet sparkle.


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