A Surprise

Well, it’s not really a surprise, is it? It had to happen inevitably – I started a new project. The one I was dreaming about in one of my recent posts.

In their Fall 2013 issue, Burda Patchwork Quilts & Applizieren had THE ultimate project – a quilt made of pentagons, diamonds and darts from beautiful batiks, designed by Evelyn Zuber and called ‘Mother Earth’.

‘Mother Earth’ by Evelyn Zuber

This project seems a bit of a stashbuster. According to the pattern it takes 28 fat quarters. I don’t think they’ll be used up completely, it’s just for the colours. The finished piece will be about 144 x 112 cms/3′ 8″ x 4′ 8″ approx.

I tried to resist.
I did resist.
At least for a couple of days.
Then I surrendered.

When I went through my stash of batiks I rediscovered some beauties I had forgotten about. And I’m going to sacrifice some of my most treasured batiks for this project but I will use a different colour layout than in the original pattern. For the first time, I will not be cutting all of the templates, but reuse them as I go. This should make piecing a little easier because there will be less weight to deal with. Also, I wouldn’t have a huge stiff project to handle.

Oops, I did it again!

This is the first ‘wheel’ (the name they use in the pattern). I haven’t sewn the ‘spikes’ in place yet because it will be easier to join the ‘wheels’ if the spikes are going into the neighboring wheels.


7 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. Oh dear… but it is SO beautiful, it demands to be made. But you must finish this one so that it doesn’t join the queue in the UFO Garage. It’s too beautiful to lie forgotten on a shelf.

    • No worries! This project is so much fun and it’s growing fast, I suppose it will be finished long before the last UFO from my list. 😀 I just need some more templates for one of the big wheels and then chose the colours. Another busy day ahead. 🙂

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