I’ve Been Busy

Today I’ve chosen the fabrics for Protection. – Tomorrow ironing, cutting and basting is on the menu.

But in the meantime I wasn’t lazy – I continued working on Seams crooked as I need to get it off the design wall for my next project. I got on very well and almost finished the second third. Now I’ve run out of templates and have to make some new ones. 🙂 But now for some brainless knitting pleasure while watching TV.

Seams crooked – second third in progress

100 more squares – basted this afternoon



2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy

  1. I’m too lazy to keep making, and too mean to keep buying, paper templates. So I sew the pieces in as I go. Once I’ve used them all up, I can then strip out the templates from the sewn piece and reuse them. It means I don’t have such a mammoth job of sewing the quilt together at the end, either. Beautiful colours, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve chosen for Protection

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