The UFO Lottery

27 (of about 50) of my UFOs are finished into tops now meaning they will need borders and backs. This was the main reason why I changed Jule’s Patchwork Blog into the UFO Garage & Fabric Depot about a year ago. But as it is usually the case, I got distracted.

I have declared 2014 to be my ‘UFO year’ but I need to trick myself into finishing because this is not my favorite part of any project although it only takes a few hours. I thought of making the small and easy projects first which will leave the bigger ones or the ones needing a little more work still threatening me. Not the best of solutions. *shakes head*

So here’s my plan – I will be holding a lucky draw: the UFO Lottery. For this purpose, I’ve written down the names of the projects onto little pieces of paper, folded them and put them into an empty food container (delicious potato salad – other salads are available). They will be drawn one by one and finished – no cheating allowed if it’s the wrong one.

But I need an unbiased person to draw the lucky winners. My friend Dave the Muse was happy to assist with the drawing.

‘Are you ready Dave?’ – ‘Yup!’

So, dear readers … Hold your breath – the first draw is up!

And the first winner is *drumroll* –

See if I’ve got a picture somewhere *goes hunting* I’m sure I had one somewhere but couldn’t find it, so I took a quick one.

Protection – center piece

One of the taller pieces. At least I do already know what to do with it. Not sure if I’ve already bought the backing fabric, need to take a look at my stash next weekend.

A couple of years ago I had bought a set of mini wedge rulers by Marilyn Doheny because I love the endless possibilities you can achieve with different colour placements. I chose some batik fabrics for the first project, a circle. I don’t know where I went wrong but when I sewed the pieces together, it turned out there was a gap between the first and the last wedge that couldn’t be worked around even by cheating. It seems other people have had the same problem on similar projects.

I decided to rip it apart again and ended up with four quarter circles which I sewed together again as in the picture above. The gap didn’t matter with this layout. Appliqué the piece to a background – voilà!

I chose the name Protection because the piece reminded me remotely of angel’s wings. Strange that this one is the first winner in the lottery – does it mean it will protect my ‘great plan’ for this year? I hope so.

Or is this musework again – my little assistant might not be as unbiased as I assumed. 😉


4 thoughts on “The UFO Lottery

  1. Englisch ist heute nicht meins, also auf deutsch. Sorry for that.

    Also, ich denke, Dein Großer Plan wird funktionieren und Du wirst uns hier viele tolle fertige Projekte präsentieren. Der Anfang ist gemacht, und das ist ja bekanntermaßen der schwerste Schritt, gell?

    Also, halt Dich fuchtig und gib nich auf.


    • Kein Problem, wie’s grad paßt 🙂
      Arbeite gerade schon am zweiten Schritt (= UFO). Dafür müssen die anderen Blogs allerdings damit leben, etwas weniger ausgelastet zu sein. Dies ist allerdings nur ein Teil des ‘großen Plans’. Der andere hat mit ‘Aufräumen’ zu tun. 😉
      No Surrender! (The Boss)


  2. A lottery is inspired! The only problem that I can see is your little assistant… He will want to please you…. Protection is beautiful, whatever its origin, and I look forward to seeing it finished. What colour are you thinking of for the background?


    • Haha, rather ‘tease’ than ‘please’! 🙂 My first choice for a background is always black or dark blue but I will try some other colours, depending of what is in my stash.


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