Fixed! Friday Special Issue – Useful Things

Welcome to the fourth special issue of Fixed! Friday.

Not one of my best days today, suffered from a bit of a tooth ache. I hope this will vanish over the weekend. If not, my ‘dear friend’ Martin the Dentist will have to look after that, I’m afraid. 😩

Two beadspreads, two toddler quilts, a cover for my projects folder – some useful things and of course everything hand-sewn.

Bedspread for double bed

Bedspread for single bed

Toddler quilt for my little nephew

Toddler quilt for a friend’s baby

Cover for my projects folder


2 thoughts on “Fixed! Friday Special Issue – Useful Things

  1. One of the things I like best about your work is your colour choices, which are quite beautiful. You’ve been very busy despite the toothache, congratulations on fewer inhabitants in the UFO garage!

    • Sorry to disappoint you about the finishes, but the above things are all old ones. I’m actually good at starting things, but I’m one of the worst finishers under the sun. 😀 That’s why I started this blog. Next year will see the start of the UFO Lottery – hope I will finally succeed in finishing something. 🙂 Currently I’ve got about 50 patchwork projects ‘in progress’, and at least 30 in knitting/crochet/cross stitch etc. Wish me luck. 😉

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