Exhibition: Nancy Crow + Color Improvisations

Back in February I went on a trip to see this exhibition at Tuch + Technik (Textile Museum) in Neumünster. The train I wanted to take was late, so I changed to another one which was late as well. And as usual, no announcements were made. (“Senk ju for trävelling wiss Deutsche Bahn” – my fellow Germans know what I mean.)

Anyway, despite using public transport I arrived in Neumünster and took a short walk to the museum. No photography weather, so I took pictures inside the museum only.

This was the last chance to see the ‘Color Improvisations’ exhibition and works by Nancy Crow in Europe before they travelled back to the US. And because such things usually never get ‘northier’ than Hamburg and this only if you’re very lucky, you have to take such an opportunity.

I’ve focused on the quilting and mostly made detail shots. Here are some of the pictures.

Mary Lou Alexander – Limnos/Benthos (detail)

Bonnie M. Bucknam – Canopy (detail)

Bonnie M. Bucknam – Tumble (detail)

Lisa Call – Structures # 111 (detail)

Violet Cavazos – Organized Chaos (detail)

Kathleen Loomis – Fault Lines 3 (detail)

Cathy Shanahan – Jewels of the Earth

Randa Stewner – Quadrat-Rechteck-Viereck (detail)

No Nancy Crow, you might ask. Well, that’s because there was only one of her previous works (of which I took two detail shots). I must admit that I didn’t like her new pieces very much because they were painted and monoprinted wholecloth quilts like this.

New works by Nancy Crow

This is not a promise, but I might put together a second part containing some of the remaining detail shots early next year.

Also, I have taken some pictures of their regular exhibition which will appear from January onwards once a week at The Pocket Camerade, my English photo blog. Watch out for TT Thursday. (Edit: blog set to private)


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