Blue Tiles – 24 Blocks Finished

I’ve been a good girl and finished three more blocks for Blue Tiles. Which leaves me with only one more to piece. I’m hoping to finish the top in December because I need to get this done before can start the UFO lottery next year. I’ll tell you more about that in a future post.

Look! 24 blocks finished!

Recently at the supermarket a quilt magazine jumped from the shelf into my shopping trolley. Happens to me frequently. *shrugs* There’s a gorgeous pentagons quilt in it which requires 28 fat quarters – for the colours, not the amount of fabric. I think I can scrape them together. 😉 I WANT to make this! I’ll use other colours than in the original piece, I have a lot of greens in my stash.

Wait! What am I doing here? I’m supposed to concentrate on my UFO pile, not on new projects. *sigh*