Fiona’s Fall

I had been working on some of my other projects for a while. Suddenly a knock on the door – another customer? The door opened in a now familiar slow and careful way. Arnold. But this time he wasn’t alone, he had brought someone with him. He was dragging a hesitant female behind him.
‘Hello Arnold! And Hello to you too!’
‘Hi! This is Fiona. She doesn’t speak English so I’ll have to translate. I’ve met her at Intergalactical Bargains on one of my last journeys.’
‘Your girlfriend?’
‘Of course not. Just a friend’, he said. But I noticed a hint of purple on his blue face.
‘She’s nice.’
‘Oh yes, she is. – Eh, Fiona has got a problem. Maybe you can help her solve it.’
‘A problem? Let me guess – an unfinished patchwork piece?’
‘Yes, and an unsuccessful one, too. Look!’
He talked to Fiona who pulled an oblong patchwork piece in fall colours out of her bag.

‘Tell me something about it, Fiona.’ With Arnold translating, she explained.
‘I meant to make a harvest-themed piece with some sky fabric, a big moon, sunset fabric, fallen leaves. I wanted to sew flower shapes in the first place, but this didn’t fit in with the rest of it. So I sewed two pieces together in pairs and made rows of hexagons. But this looks awful. Can you help me, please?’
‘Hm. I’ve got an idea. Why not sew them together as you first intended and drop the rest. Of course, this would mean ripping the seams apart again.’
She looked horrified. ‘All the work in vain!’
‘That’s something I really hate, too. But think of it. After all, it can’t get worse.’ – Finally she agreed.
‘Have you brought the paper templates, by chance?’
She pulled a little plastic bag out of her pocket. ‘I tore some of them while taking them out after sewing the pieces together, I’m afraid.’
‘Never mind, I can make a couple of new ones. As long as I don’t have to make all of them.’

‘Um, this will keep me busy for a while. I’ll have to rip the pieces apart again, then baste them around the templates and sew them back together again. – Do you want anything special for the back?’ She shook her head. She even gave me permission to add some pieces, just in case. ‘I’ll post about the progress on my blog so you will know when it’s ready to be picked up. You can follow my site on the intergalacticnet.’

This piece needs a fair amount of re-working, dear reader. But hey, that’s The UFO Garage’s business – Fixing them all! Somehow.

Excuse me for now. Need to call a friend to help with this.


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