Fixed! Friday 38

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I think I need to explain the title of today’s piece a little for my English speaking readers. If you translate this literally, you may get something like ’tilted fonts’. But that’s not what it means in German. ‘Schräg’ is used also to describe things, sounds or persons (or their garments) that are a little off the normal or ‘odd’. ‘Typ’ (pl. Typen) in this case also refers to people (in English you would call such a person a character).

So the meaning of the title is ‘odd characters’. I used fabrics with print letters/characters on them which are mostly not standing upright, but are leaning to one side or the other – tilted fonts.

Schräge Typen (Odd Characters)


I’ve altered the original block by Michael James slightly (from the catalogue Quilt-Design und Patchwork-Symposium Berlin 2001, Bergtor Verlag). Made from various fabrics designed by Lonni Rossi – I love her stuff.

Made between August 2003 and October 2004, 80 x 80 cms, 252 pieces

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Snowflake

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